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With around 20 years of experience in the residential real estate space, Isaiah Tibbs harnesses his background as a broker and abilities as a creative thought leader to support the continued expansion of Allure Real Estate.  Leveraging a background in home renovation, residential sales, and design and construction, Isaiah is uniquely positioned to instruct and support agents in all facets of their real estate career.  Isaiah has had many years of leadership and navigated difficult situations, unique projects, specialized needs, development and litigation while maintaining high levels of satisfaction and achieving successful outcomes.  He looks forward amplified and continued success at Allure that he, Kerry, their staff and agents have all achieved through synergy, respect, love and professionalism.  

From fall to spring, Isaiah live in Austin in the historic Central Austin neighborhood of Hyde Park.  In summers he lives in Portland OR in the beautiful Laurelhurst area.  In his personal time, Isaiah loves to garden, travel, tinker with creative projects, spend time with friends and continually improve his spiritual and physical fitness. 

Isaiah also owns We Rehab LLC with Kristi Black and they have rehabbed and built dozens of beautiful modern homes. 


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